Sweet Angel Cakes By Angela

Custom Cakes for all occasions in El Paso,TX

1. How much are your cakes?

Cake Pricing Starts at $2.60 per serving for buttercream cakes and $3.00 per serving for fondant cakes 

The price includes the cake of a uniform flavor with the standard vanilla buttercream filling, minimal had piped details and a name or message. 

Extra charges apply for fondant, gum paste or chocolate work, edible images, flavor and filling up-grades. These include Figures, toppers, bows, flowers and any intricate buttercream design.

I strive to make all elements of your cake edible or out of edible material.  In the event that the client wants a special plastic topper or decoration; the client will be responsible in providing the item to place on cake, unless otherwise discussed. This will also include any non edible Wedding or quinceanera cake toppers.

All Cakes offered are custom and made to order, therefore, it is impossible to provide you with an accurate quote without knowing what you have in mind.  Please contact me for pricing on your design or other items I offer. 

We can accept payment through Paypal, Venmo and CashApp. No Personal checks accepted.


2. I only need a small cake. How small of a cake can I order? 

Due to the high level of attention given to each cake there is a $40 order minimum for small orders unless specified on a Special. Therefore, your cake order must meet this requirement for your order to be placed with us.

3. Can I try your cake before buying?

A tasting can be done for wedding, quienceanera and cakes larger than 100 servings by request. There will be a $25 sitting fee for up to 2 people.  The tasting will be of one flavor on our flavor list only! If additional flavors are requested a fee of $10 per flavor will be assessed to bake and prepare sample(s) requested.  All cake is baked to order when needed.  Unfortunately, I don't bake in huge volumes to have extra cake for taking.

4. When should I place an order for the cake I want?

Due to the nature of designing and making elements for your cake , most items cannot be done over night. I also may not have product readily available on the shelf as a large bakery would, therefore, I can only take on a limited number of orders per week. Slots book first come, first serve. It is impossible to predict when exactly I will be booked.  I encourage everyone to book as soon as possible and preferably no less than 3 to 4 full weeks out from your event date.

I try my best to accommodate any last minute orders at my discretion, BUT please be advised that last minute orders may have certain design restrictions and an additional RUSH FEE at with your total! 


5. Are there any deposits I need to know of?

YES. Your order is considered booked when a non-refundable deposit and applicable fees are paid, or payment is given in full.  Cakes require anywhere from 30% to 50% as non-refundable deposit to save the date and to confirm order. Last minute orders require payment in full at time of order.  Other deposits may include those needed for any rentals, delivery and/or rush fees which are to be paid up front.  Balance on Wedding and Quinceanera cakes are due 1 week prior to event date. Balance on other cakes due on pick up or delivery.

Your order isn't booked until deposit or payment is received by due date.

6. How do I get money to you?

I accept Paypal, Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, money order, or cash, but I strongly recommend that every cake have a one on one cake consultation  since there are endless possibilities when you get a cake with me, in turn allowing you to book with us and give initial payment at that time.  I work very differently than most run of the mill cake bakeries.  I like to know how to personalize every cake for every client for every event.

I happily set up consultation/appointments to meet with at you at no charge.  Appointments are available Sundays and Mondays Only!  

Appointment cancellations: We do understand that things happen in life and a cancellation or reschedule may occur. In order for us to keep our consultations at no charge to all our potential clients we do ask that you be courteous and respect our time and cancel at least 24-48 hours prior to your appointment.  We set aside this time especially for you! Call or text 915-497-6661
7. Can I get my cake delivered?
YES, with a fee. Deliveries will be made no earlier than 10am and will be scheduled at a time were both the clients and delivery person will be available for the delivery.

8. Can I pick-up my order?
Definitely, all pick-ups are to be made anytime after 930 am, by appointment. I will set this 
time aside for you, were I will expect your arrival. There will be a 10 minute window before I will need to reschedule your pick up time. I ask kindly to respect my time.

 PLEASE NOTE: Once cake leaves our care, we are no longer responsible for any mishaps during transit or at final location. Please keep in mind to have a vehicle with an area big enough for your cake to sit flat during transit.  When driving your cake to its destination, watch your turns, stops and accelerations from a stop!  There will be cases were I may tell you that a cake must be delivered due to the nature of the design and will be charged for delivery accordingly.